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I worked in the Civil Engineering field for many years. My father worked for the PRR as a blacksmith and later as an electrician wiring passenger cars. My grandfather worked for the PRR at the South Altoona Foundry.                 

I have been a life long resident of the Railroad City, Altoona, PA.                  

I am a member of the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society prrths and the Horseshoe Curve Chapter of National Railroad Historical Society. nrhs                                         

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Horseshoe Curve "Big Shot" Anniversary Photograph 1854-1954

Courage and bold vision served J. Edgar Thompson, then Chief Engineer and later President of the young Pennsylvania Railroad Company, when he stood on a slope of the Alleghenies west of Altoona, Pa. and pointed out to his surveyors the line he wanted the railroad to follow around what is now the Horseshoe Curve. With only hand labor, mules and black powder, the Curve was built, linking by rail the ports of Philadelphia and Baltimore and the Ohio Valley.
After a century, the Curve, substantially as first conceived, still carries the Pennsylvania's main line and is still an engineering marvel.

To mark the 100th Anniversary year of the opening of the Curve and the 75th Anniversary of the incandescent lamp, the Pennsylvania Railroad and Sylvania Electric Products, Inc. cooperated to take the first night picture of the Curve as freight and passenger trains rounded in the night of October 20, 1954. The project to illuminate over 2,000,000 square feet required months of meticulous planning, 31 miles of wiring and more than 6,000 large photoflash bulbs.

With a burst of skyrockets lending color to the scene, cameras atop a 150-foot tower recorded the historic flash -- the biggest night photograph ever taken.

Recommended reading: Horseshoe Curve Images of Rail by David W. Seidel.                                 Published by Arcadia

                 An original Print hanging in my Office


A fantastic vintage video of Steam on the Horseshoe Curve and others. Got to love those Decapods!                  Turn off  MY MUSIC at the bottom of this page to listen to the video



                         "Good Old Days" at the Curve


                  The way it was up the steps from the parking lot

                         Stereograph of Early Horseshoe Curve


                    Plaque on Main Building at Horseshoe Curve

    J1 No. 6444 Texas Class Train Westbound on Horseshoe Curve



                                     Altoona Works Band




                                     Sample PRR Blueprints


                 PRR Dining Car China Mountain Laurel Pattern


                                           Vintage Coaches

Leaded Glass Window in the Charles Schwab's Private Railcar                                                                           "The Loretto II" in restoration at the Altoona Railroader's Museum.                                                                    For more information click here trainweb


                                     East Altoona Enginehouse


                                            Diesel Engine Plate


          K4s No. 1361 Pacific on display at the Horseshoe Curve                                   

(For Early Historical Documentation (The Story) go to the Locomotive                                                                     Photo Gallery Photo No. 149)


                                    "Sleeping Giant" (By David Seidel)


                  K4 No. 1361 June 1988 Excursion, Altoona, PA


                      Steam Locomotive Electric Marker Light Art


                   Altoona Works Master Mechanic & Employees


                          Conductor Uniform Brass Buttons


                     Altoona Works Payroll Office March 1910


         Rose Tower & PRR Company near "Red Bridge" Juniata


                                     Slope Tower Interior 1952


  Altoona Mirror 2001 (out of print) - Bill Haxel Engineer on cover


     1939 Grif Teller Calendar "Leaders of the Fleet of Modernism"


          S1 No. 6100 leaving Altoona for the NY World's Fair 1939

The 6100 was towed dead Eastbound by an L1s Mikado locomotive with two P70 passenger cars to Flushing Meadows on Long Island. The fair goers gathered about a fenced-in enclosure to watch the monstrous 6100 steaming away, her 84-inch drivers revolved on the rollers beneath the driving wheels.

In 1939, the Pennsylvania Railroad introduced the world's largest steam locomotive, the S1 and distinctive round-ended observation cars for its Broadway Limited. They were designed by Raymond Loewy in collaboration with Paul Philippe Cret, head of Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania. The S1, with its bullet-nose, projecting headlight and horizontal chrome strips extending the length of the engine, was an improved version of the K4s Loewy designed for PRR in 1936. The S1, capable of 100 mph speed, was a feature attraction at the 1939 New York World's Fair. Only one S1 was ever built, but like most of Loewy's work for PRR, served as an incredible PRR promotional piece, and not incidentally, identified Loewy forever with the streamlined train. As a youthful ten-year-old the popular big speedster was scrapped in 1949.


                                            Get Your Ticket

          Best Food on the Rails (copies available go to Web Store)


                         J1 No. 6430 WB on SLOPE at Brickyards

                                           H21A Hopper Car

               Trains meet Kinzua Railroad Bridge 1880



                                             My First Lionel

                                                Logan House

               Stereograph - Front of Logan House Looking West


                  K4s No. 1361 June 1988 Excursion, Altoona, Pa

                                             E8's on Excursion


                        Mountain House at Cresson Circa 1850s


                        1908 Altoona Station Train Schedule 

          K4s No. 1361 Dedication at Horseshoe Curve June 8, 1957

            Western Roundhouse No. 3 (shown below on blueprint)


             Western Roundhouse No. 3 (shown below on blueprint)


                  Stereograph - PRR Summer Resort at Cresson, PA

                           Pennsylvania Lines & PRR Lanterns


                                       PRR Cabin Car Lantern 

    From the original 1908 PRR Blueprint 48" wide x 14'-0" length

                                 Western Roundhouse No. 3

    Aero Train on 1956 PRR Grif Teller Calendar Dynamic Progress


J1 WB Train nearing Kittanning Point on Horseshoe Curve ca. 1956

                              Steel Horizons Publication-Rock Island Jet Rocket Article (copies available)

                              K4s No. 1361 Altoona June 1988 

                   M1 No. 6825 Eastbound from Rockville Bridge


    Janet Blair star of "South Pacific" Altoona Station April 24, 1952

PRR Agent's Index No. 46 dated August 1, 1929                          

                                  PRR Poster


                              Vintage Track Crew Circa 1900s


                        PRR Rockville Bridge-Facing Eastbound

Finished in 1902, the Rockville Bridge is the longest stone masonry arch railroad bridge in the world. Designed by Pennsylvania Railroad engineer William Henry Brown, the 3,820-foot bridge has 48 arches and took 800 workers two years to construct.


                         E6sa No. 1092 Right Front-Photo #1398

                     GG1 No. 4877 at Elizabethport, New Jersey


                Homer Tower at the Hump East Juniata Circa 1957

         John Bull Locomotive Train-Photograph M.E.2510A


Altoona's First Soap Box Derby Circa 1934 - Abby Albright car No. 71                                                       sponsored by Burchfield Sports, Abby came in First Place                                                                                      Photograph taken in front of the Penn Alto Garage


       McAleers Ice Cream Bar on 11th Avenue, Altoona Circa 1930s

             Steam Locomotives in Existence - September 1, 1940

            Bronze Art by D.B. Mittner (K4s Streamliner No. 3768)  


               K4s No. 1361 will if ever be under steam once more??




















































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