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MINUTES away from departure, Extra 460 East stands in Washington Union Station with crew and passengers. Soon all were hanging on for dear life as the big E6s rambled over 100 mph to beat the planes.--- PRR photo

On a warm Sunday in June of 1927 E6s Atlantic No. 460, competing with an aircraft of all things, eclipsed all prior speed records of her class and established a Washington-Manhattan Transfer record that was to endure as long a steam between those two points. David P. Morgan described the occasion in the October 1952 issue of Trains & Travel.

This is the ten page chapter of The Lindbergh Special taken from the book titled

Apex of the Atlantics by Frederick Westing A Kalmbach Publication dated 1963.

You will receive a photocopy of the Chapter printed on quality print paper and spiral bound with covers.

Very intereresting reading, with other photos and statistics, for the Pennsy Fan. You will not be disappointed.

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