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This is a set of ten (10) 8 1/2 x 11 photocopies of a much larger set of original Pennsylvania Railroad System blueprints of the Proposed Altoona Passenger Station, December 2, 1924.

The passenger station was to face on eleventh avenue between 12th and 13th streets, the total length between the two streets with shops at street level.

However, the passenger station was never built because the US Government at the same time proposed a new Altoona Post Office at the same location and it took prescidence.

Drawings - Scale: 1/16" = 1'-0" by W.H. Cookman-Architect except as noted.

Included in the set of plans are the following:

1&2.) Plan view drawings showing the location of the proposed station and  trackage concourses, Scale: 1" = 100' (shown)

3.) Plot Plan - Proposed Station & Office Building - Scale: 40 feet = 1 inch.

4.) Eleventh Avenue Elevation

5.) Cross Section of Alternate "G" thru Building & Concourse    

6.) West Elevation of Building & Concourse (shown)

7.) Street Floor Plan

8.) Main Floor Plan

9.) Mezzanine Floor Plan

10.) Typical Office Floor Plan

The photocopies are black background with white images, dimensions and text, entirely readable. A magnifying glass is needed  to read some notes and dimensions.

Interesting information of what could have been here in Altoona, a passenger station second to none.

Double-click on images for a larger view.

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